Sanran Ginjo(Sanran 55)

Umami rich with sweet aroma

ColdApprox. 5°C★ ★ ★ ★
ChilledApprox. 10°C★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Room TempretureApprox. 20°C★ ★ ★
Body TempretureApprox. 30°C★ ★ ★
WarmApprox. 40°C★ ★
HotApprox. 50°C★ ★


Rice, Rice-Mold, brewing alcohol




720 mL

Rice Polishing Ratio


Available countries

UK, Taiwan

Tasting notes

A calm, mellow fragrance and a sharp taste with subtle sweetness and acidity. A long finish that lasts throughout the meal.

Sanran Junmai Tasting
Tonoike Brewery

Food pairing notes

Excellent with simple dishes such as white fish mousse, scallop steamed with wine, and seafood gratin.

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