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Makoto Ono

Message from the Master Brewer

My passion has always been to produce Japanese Sake that delivers joyful conversations to the four corners of the world.

Every winter season, we combine knowledge from generations of sake making with modern-day technology alongside crisp natural water and high-grade sakamai-to produce the best Sanran Sake possible for our customers.

Each year, our commitment to excellence starts by completely eliminating unwanted bacteria from our sake brewing process.

This dedication is essential in keeping microorganisms such as Koji-mold, Yeast & Lactic acid bacteria under strict control.

The fruitful aroma of Sanran Daiginjo and the authentic flavour of Sanran Junmai sake is only achieved after brewing sake under these very precise/specific conditions.

After the harsh winter season, Sanran is finally bottled and shipped around the world to fuel as many friendly conversations as we can.

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Sanran, a marvellous combination of rice, water and tradition.

Tonoike Shuzou


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