Sanran Daiginjyo(Sanran 38)

Flagrant and crisp bite

ColdApprox. 5°C★ ★ ★ ★ ★
ChilledApprox. 10°C★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Room TempretureApprox. 20°C★ ★ ★
Body TempretureApprox. 30°C★ ★
WarmApprox. 40°C★ ★
HotApprox. 50°C★ ★


Rice, Rice-Mold, brewing alcohol




720 mL / 300mL



Rice Polishing Ratio


Available Countries

UK, Hong Kong, Singapore

Tasting notes

A well-balanced and crisp Daiginjo, with a juicy melon and anise on the nose. With its clean bite and svelte mouthfeel, Sanran Daiginjo evokes a crisp Chablis. A little tingle of alcohol speaks to those who like clear drinks.

Sanran Junmai Daiginjo with ice
Tonoike Brewery

Food pairing

With it’s practically exploding aroma and slightly high alcohol volume, Sanran Daiginjo is great as an aperitif. This sake is clean yet with body so pairs well with rich fish such as salmon sashimi and caviar.

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